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I am going to start posting stories from around the internet shared with us that are in most cases publicly accessible, in the manner of The Story of A, but covering all diseases.

I am going to start with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, the most common variety, and therefore the one we have dealt with the most.

We have seen extraordinary success with this disease, particularly when we are contacted before significant tissue damage occurs. As is the case with all diseases we deal with early intervention makes a big difference to outcome.

I am confident that, as with so many diseases we deal with, if this were a drug it would be approved and wildly successful. Sadly for those who suffer from this and other diseases it is not, and has not. Which for all those right now suffering progressive neurological damage is a great pity.

I am starting with the most easily accessible elements, over time I will add other stories, science, comments, etc., to round out the whole picture of how helminthic therapy is applied, and what people experience. I hope to provide a full 360 degree view of what goes on, how long it takes, the science, etc., so as to provide a more complete picture than some people telling you how well they have  done. But I have to start somewhere, and better to stage it in parts than wait weeks while I write what will be an enormous post for even one example.

For instance when I was invited to the Autoimmunity Congress in Granada in May of 2012, in Spain. I chose to present on the subject of MS, and was joined by two doctors who are also clients who also presented separately. It was a great thrill, and a great honour to have my work recognised in such a way, particularly as they waived their requirements that presenters be scientists or doctors. So I will examine posting our three presentations here as well over time, to demonstrate that this is not just the opinion of some guy. I have a lot of doctors and scientists on my side, witness the invitation.

For now though you can read the accounts of some of our clients, in their own words, describing the experience of remission thanks to helminthic therapy for multiple sclerosis, with links to their original posts.

Please note I have edited some of the posts to correct spelling and to make the links inline and less space consuming. So I have substituted “exacerbation” for the spell check obtained “exasperation”, and similar. Changes have in no way altered the meaning of anything, and in all cases links are provided to the original.

Multiple Sclerosis – accounts by people with MS who are using helminthic therapy

The first three are by by a member of our first cohort of clients, from September 2007. One of two in the group who had MS, both of whom responded. This gentleperson values his privacy, but he does deliver an annual report on his status. These are the first three, I will try and find the next two and them here later.

Subject 1: First report

“Update on my MS

I’ve experienced an MS attack with new symptoms every year starting in April for the last five years like clockwork, the good news is this is the first April I have been attack free.

It has been seven months since my first inoculation and to date I’ve been inoculated with a total of 100 hookworms.

Although this appears to have stopped my annual MS attack I still experienced very light exacerbations of old MS symptoms which is a reminder that my MS is still present however under control.

The MS Study with Jorge Correale in his original published article, found on this site under files – Link (same as one above I linked to in my preamble).

His study shows an exacerbation Chart “A” outlining exacerbation remission between 12 to 18 months. Exacerbations were outlined in the study as the worsening of old MS symptoms or occurrence of new MS symptoms. This gives me hope I could eventually be completely exacerbation free over time.

I would still like to monitor myself over the next year for further developments and will keep the group updated on my progress.

Also I would like to point out my hay fever and allergies are 100 percent gone!

So far so good!”

Subject 1: Second report

“Great news to report…..This is my second MS season 2009 attack free!

For those who are not familiar with my history you can read my original post here  and client story here.

I am quite pleased with the results thus far and will always keep the group updated on my progress.

For those who haven’t reached their targets, maybe it is a matter of dosing, hang in there and don’t give up hope!

All the best, Ric”

Subject 1: third report

“Thought I would share a quick update as its been just over three years since receiving AIT’s hookworm therapy and it seems they are still alive and wiggling.

I decided to increase the dose by another 25hw to make sure the numbers stay strong.

Very excited to report my MS and allergies are still in complete remission!

Glad to see others are having similar results and those who are still struggling hang in there, everything is possible!!”

Subject 2

This is from Airon and I am going to follow up with him as well to get an update to share with you if possible.

This is a very long post with a lot of detail, so I present only a summary here, but very good response as well.

“In summary I will say that without a doubt it has been a success for me. Below I will try to succinctly list…”


Subject 3

The following group are from Dan, and he too has had a great response and has documented it so well, he had pre and post MRIs, etc., that I used his experiences in a presentation at Autoimmunity Congress 2012 in Granada, Spain. I am going to ping him as well.

First report

“… I’m incredibly happy and relieved with the results, and I encourage anyone with MS to get treated with helminths, the sooner the better.”

Second report

I’ve been on HT for almost 4 years now, and I still have not had a relapse or any new or active lesions on my yearly MRI’s. I’m also still on the Copaxone…


Some Links

It has been known since 2007 that a helminth infection can change the course of RRMS:

This study was reported by Science Daily:

There have been other studies of course, though not as many as you might expect given the stunning results obtained by Correale. Link, and Link 

Nottingham University set up a trial in 2009 (that only commenced in 2012 and is still ongoing) to assess the response of RRMS patients to hosting 25 hookworms for 9 months:

Please do not believe that because I do not mention SP or PP MS that it does not or will not work. Those forms are much more rare, and absent science like that of Correale and Farez for RR MS people are less willing to give it a try. Which is odd to me since they know very well what is going to happen to them without some kind of successful intervention.

One not afforded them by mainstream medicine currently.

I am running out of steam, I spent a lot of time chasing down dead links as the forum many link to changed all its URLs since these were posted, so they had to be updated. I also had to work on the formatting, line stripping, and Apple has removed that feature from Pages, so that was by hand. So rather than wait to make it complete I am going to post it now and update it periodically, so please check back.


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  1. Very interested in your experience, and reading further about it having heard about you on radiolab. The reason I’m commenting now , though, is to point out that exacerbate means ” to make existing condition worse” while exasperate means “drive one to exhaustion,” which is clearly not what is being said. Glad to be learning about this, thanks!

    1. thanks, I shall make the edit.

  2. Jasper, great to see that you’re continui ng with your passion. Yoli and I are doing well. If you need a break, we’ve got room.

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