Welcome to my site, and the story it tells.

I am sorry it is a little messy just now. It was originally a simple WordPress driven blogging site for me, Jasper Lawrence to write on the subject of helminthic therapy and related topics.

Because it is not my primary site for conducting the business of helminthic therapy I have started using it as a test bed for various ideas and technologies I hope to use to improve the conduct of my business.

So I am using it now to construct a Woocommerce site to develop ideas and methods for selling helminthic therapy and related products and services using Bitcoins as a payment method, and to develop my experience and knowledge around the use of the open source payment gateway for processing Bitcoin payments BTCPay Server.

You can still find my blog posts on the page called “Blog Posts“.

For now you cannot use this site to purchase any of my services, for that you need to go here.

Thanks for visiting my site and all the best.


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