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Another great result for Crohn’s, this time in an adult

In his words, edited to remove any identifying phrases or words:

“Today marks exactly <b600 (Jasper, while it did not take this long for him to respond, he was slow to respond as I recall, and this should be born in mind by anyone on or considering therapy) days (20 months) since I have taken immunosuppressive medication of any kind. I suffer moderate to severe Crohn’s, since 2006. I dosed with hookworm late 2010 (22 months ago), and twice in 2011. After three doses totalling 150 worms, I estimate that the hookworm alone achieves 85% symptom relief for me. I rejoice at the phenomenal benefit to my life. It would be no exaggeration to call my case a small miracle. I hope to continue to experience this degree of relief.”

No drugs, quite a result, and not atypical.

3 thoughts on “Another great result for Crohn’s, this time in an adult

  1. Just curious to know how come there’s been no activity since August 2012…

    1. Hi, we’re busy on other projects, including some very exciting ones, all part of working towards achieving our aim to change the practice of medicine to include the use of benign infectious organisms to prevent and treat immunological disorders and diseases involving chronic inflammation, and to do it cheaply! There just isn’t time to do everything, and blogs get pushed to the bottom of the list. It’s not ideal, but inevitable that something has to give! Have no doubt, though, that we are doing everything possible to achieve our aim!


  2. I have been suffering from crons for few years and looking for alternative therapy. I heard your story on radiolab and am interested. Can you please send me an email.


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