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    1. hi there! i am very interested in your hookworm treatment and i was also wondering if it helps cure eczema as well? i suffer from very bad hayfever and food allergies which trigger off my ezcema! please help me!!

      Alex Judge
      Manchester, England

      1. Hi Alex, it “cures” nothing since remission is lost if the worms die, a fine point perhaps, but one worth noting.

        All your diseases respond to therapy, but not all people with your diseases do. The best way to get your questions answered is to contact us is by email, I emailed you in response to this question or should have if I did not. Or, you can fill in a questionnaire here Therapy is tailored to the individual, and submitting this allows us to arrange a call where we do not have to ask a lot of standard questions, and when you submit it we send you an email which answers all the standard questions or provides links to online resources that do. That is those questions concerning universal questions and not those specific to your potential use of helminths to treat your disease or diseases. That way in our call to you after you submit the Questionnaire we can concentrate on the issues unique to you and those questions concerning your use of helminths, etc.



        1. hello.

          I saw a program on discovery ch parasites (hookworm) to cure asthma and allergies and I would like to know more about it. my girlfriend has asthma and these parasites are interested in to see if you can help in your disease. she suffers from allergies. thank you for your attention and I hope you can answer me.

          manuel herrera

        2. Sorry for the delay in replying, I stepped back after a crazy eight years to take stock.

          It can help and does, sometimes radically, most of the time. To learn more go to and go to the contact page. Follow the instructions, we deal with too many enquires and it is too lengthy a learning process to deal with outside our system. But it works most of the time. Jasper

    2. jasper

      i’m confused. is it necessary to travel to AIT to initiate treatment? the website instructions say “Confirm your travel arrangements with us.” Also, do you ship to Canada?

      thank you

      1. Hey Lenette

        Call us to get all the up-to-date details:


      2. Hi, shipment options vary by country, and no you do not have to travel to us. Please send in a Questionnaire, their is no charge for the interview, only if you decide to go ahead with therapy do you get billed. First step is to submit a Questionnaire.

    3. Have you done any studies for PBC treatment?

      1. Hey Jenni

        I suggest you call us to discuss this. Here are our contact details:


    4. could you send this medicine around latin america ?? i believe 100% in this cure and i am so sick this is very urgent please help me, i will paid any cost.

      1. Hey Gabriel

        Please call our Customer Services to discuss this, but it would be very helpful if you would read our FAQ: ( before calling as this will save a lot of your time on the phone. Then you can contact us directly:
        Phone USA: +1 800-351-6287, or +1 831 706 2766, UK: +44 2032 867 276, or by Skype: autoimmunetherapies


    5. I’m interested in this therapy to control rheumatoid arthritis. I do not see this disease listed on your web page among the diseases that have responded to this therapy. Can you comment please? Would you recommend attempting this therapy for someone who started with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) in childhood and still has it at age 28?
      Thanks so much.

      1. We have had good results in most of those with RA who have tried it, I am not a doctor so what differences exist between JRA and RA I cannot comment on and we do not yet have the experience to say. I would say all you have to lose is money if you try it, and we can help mitigate that risk if you want to discuss it with us.

    6. Thank you. I’m very hopeful that this therapy would help. Above and beyond what the studies show and what your experience has been, I have personal experience that supports this hypothesis. I’m of an immigrant community in the US and have seen multiple cases of immigrants arriving to the US allergy free and then developing them after 4-5 years or more of living here.

      1. Hi Robbie, thank you for that observation, which confirms what others have noticed. There are of course other variables that no doubt have an effect, but the loss of helminths is likely a significant factor in the allergy development you’ve seen in other immigrants.

    7. Dear Lawrence,
      One of my friend’s sister get Multiple Sclerosis,her families in China trying to find the way to help her,as you know,the medical system here in china is not develop as America or Europe, so want to ask you if there is any way can cure it?or any hospital you suggest is profession on it?
      and if it’s ok for you may i have your e-mail for contact?
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Aria, please contact us directly to discuss this. Our contact details, including email address, are on this page:


    8. Dear Lawrence,
      I have been told by a friend to look into hookworm treatment. I got diagnosed in 2010 with Crohn’s disease and last year got diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have read crohns can be treated by hookworm. How about AS? I have been on an anti tnf treatment but taken off it due to other medical problems. Can you help? Thank you for your time

      1. Hi Matt

        AS may indeed respond to helminthic therapy, especially if it’s in the early stages, as it appears to be in your case. I suggest you call us to discuss this in more detail. Here are our contact details:

        It would help if you could read our FAQ before contacting us:

        and if you want an even more thorough understanding of the therapy, I suggest you also read the links listed here:


    9. hi jasper,
      my mum and my auntie have both got M.S, they have had it for many years now and they are starting to get very poorly with it i was just wondring would it be to late for the worm to work on them now ?? please write back jade
      nottingham, england

      1. Hi Jade

        Nottingham University is currently running a trial using hookworms in people with RRMS ( although only half of those who enrol in this study will actually get hookworms.

        We have seen a very high success rate in those who have obtained their worms from us:

        Although the treatment is unlikely to undo damage already caused by the disease, there is a good chance that it will arrest the disease and prevent further deterioration.

        Call or email our Customer Service Manager if you want further information. Tel: +44 2081 235 364 Email:


    10. Hello Jasper,

      I am a 58 year old woman suffering from interstitial cystitis. I contracted this disease 5 years ago. It causes me horrible pain in my bladder, with frequency and pressure. The only med that seems to help is Lyrica. I also take pain medication 3 times a day. Up until this time I was a very healthy and active woman. I still work full time as a labor and delivery nurse, but deal with pain every day. Do you think I would benefit from parasitic worm therapy? Do you think it might produce protective mucous in my bladder.

      1. Hi Cheryl

        IC seems to be considered by many authorities to be an autoimmune disease, so, in theory, it may respond well to HT, and one of our clients has reported:

        “On a side note, my interstitial cystitis has improved to almost 100% remission since start of hookworm therapy, but this might also be the result the entocort. Either way, I’m hopeful this improvement will remain after I taper in the next couple weeks.”

        Several others, who have a number of overlapping conditions, including IC that is sometimes seemingly associated with fibromyalgia and/or narcolepsy, have said that the IC has improved after inoculating with hookworm.

        If you want to discuss this in more detail, call our Customer Service Manager on +44 2081 235 364 or, by email, at:


    11. HI,Jasper
      since 2003 summer a bee injured me and my body safety system show photo allergy(urticaria) and I cant go to the sun. I use diffrent antihistamine but no result.Please giude me, how i can recive worm?I life in Iran country and banking systems are boycot.please answer me by Email. Thank you.

      1. Hi Younes

        Our Customer Service Manager is going to contact you by email, as you requested.


    12. Hi Jasper
      I am younes kavyani ،man ،31 years old ،from Iran.
      since 2003 summer a wild bee injured me and my body safety system
      suddenly show photo allergy(urticaria) and now I cant go to the
      sun.after 10minute in exposure to the sun my body show hives.
      this allergy is very difficult for my life.
      I use different antihistamine but no result. how i can receive worm?I
      life in Iran country and banking systems are boycott we have not
      international credit card.please if this is possible help me and send
      me worm.Thank you very much.

      No.32, Akbari St. Pol-e-Roomi, Tehran – IRAN
      Postal Code :1964635611
      tel:+98 (21) 22392080
      mob:+98 912 737 7470

      1. Hi Younes

        Our Customer Service Manager is going to contact you by email, as you requested.


      2. Hi younes, we are more than willing to try and get them to you, we use the mail to send things. I imagine Iran is pretty tight at getting stuff in from outside, but if you have a way we can manage that we are happy to try. Please email visit and download the Questionnaire, fill it out and send it to We will take it from there.

        Good luck, Jasper

    13. I keep diahreia all the time. I am 58 years old. I am constantly taking Imodium all the time which does not help sometimes. I was wondering if the hookworms would help that and if so would you be able to tell me how I can order them.

      1. Hi Donald

        This will depend on what’s causing the diarrhoea. I suggest you call us to discuss this, preferably after completing our questionnaire which you can download from our website ( Just follow the directions for submitting the questionnaire and we’ll get back to you ASAP. There’s no charge for the consultation and advice.


    14. Hello,

      My girlfriend has a laundry list of allergies including apples, sunflower seeds, and horses, all of which she is anaphylactic. She is also allergic to lots of other fruits and vegetables. She suffers from eczema, and is constantly tired. Humidity and poor air quality seem to make everything even worse. What sort of treatments would you suggest? Thank you so much.

      1. Hi Ben

        Please contact us so that we can discuss this. We’re on +44 2081 235 364 or you can email us at:


    15. Hello,
      I have been a Crohn’s patient for the past ten years and none of the mainstream medical treatments and medications worked really. Just prednisone helped me little bit and in return my bones are weaker now, also I suffered from weight gain too due to steroids.
      I dont want to use remicade because of its irreversible side effects, so I decided to go with autoimmune therapy by using hookworms. Can you PLEASE help me? I need my life back, my last ten years have been hell.

      My email
      My phone number is 862 239 1922


      Anth / New Jersey USA

      1. I’m really sorry to hear this, Anthony, and I hope this treatment will help you. Our Customer Service Manager will be in touch with you by email in the next couple of days.

        Best regards


    16. Greetings, I have been a severe asthmatic since the age of 3. Now I am 53. I first learned about you listening to an old show on radio lab. Then I started looking at the internet for hookworm sales and found nothing.

      Anyway at the moment I am not interested in infecting myself, however, I find this fascinating. A side note is I worked on an oral medication on a phase III trial for 3 years for MS. The drugged worked great, but there was a little problem, in that it gave some people cancer. It did not get approved anywhere.

      The interesting thing is trying to see if there are specific antigens associated with the worm that cause this positive affect, and then to isolate and synthesize the antigens making a drug out of them. I am surprised nobody is working on this. It is a natural step, and could be very profitable if it worked.

      Just some thoughts.

      1. Hopefully the antigens would be small proteins(small molecules). If they were then the genetic sequence could be placed in an animal host, and the animals could then make the drug. Then you collect it from the animal. In many instances just certain cells of the animal are grown with the gene in them and the corresponding protein is then purified from the cells.

        This is being done with many types of small molecules that are then approved as drugs from the FDA. The key is isolating the proteins from the worm that have this immunological affect, and hopefully they are simple proteins.

        1. Hi Jon

          See my reply to your earlier post.


      2. Hi Jon

        There are already researchers in several centres around the world working very hard to isolate a molecule from helminths that might be suitable for use in a drug because, as you say, this would be very profitable. But, so far, the worms have kept their secrets to themselves! I’m sure the scientists will succeed one day, but no drug employing a single molecule, or even a handful of molecules, will ever be as effective as an entire drug delivery system producing and orchestrating hundreds of different molecules to delicately fine tune the body’s immune response moment by moment. And that’s what the worms are!

        Why aren’t you interested in infecting yourself?


    17. Hi, Jasper
      My son Luis was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when he turned Fifteen, he is Eighteen now and his condition has not gotten better, he has been on all the known medication to treat this condition , prednisone, uceris, entercort, apriso, vls-ds-probiotics, you name it , he’s tried it. I have done research on the Helminthic Therapy(whip worm) and feel that we should give it a go. Can you give us further info? i.e procedure, costs, etc.

      1. Hi Luis

        Please call us to discuss all the details. We’re on +44 2081 235 364 or you can reach us by email at:


      2. Sorry for the delay in replying, I stepped back after a crazy eight years to take stock.

        It can help and does, sometimes radically, most of the time. To learn more go to and go to the contact page. Follow the instructions, we deal with too many enquires and it is too lengthy a learning process to deal with outside our system. But it works most of the time. Jasper

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