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Part 4: The Story of “A”

This is, as the title suggests, one in a series of posts, almost entirely derived from emails from her family that they send me periodically to keep us up-to-date.

At the end of this post, and in a few minutes all the others, is a standard block of text with links to each part of the story of this child, as well as some additional information.


From the child’s father:

“It has been over two years now since we began treating Crohn’s disease in our daughter, “A”, using helminthic therapy.

Specifically human whipworm, from Autoimmune Therapies, and she is today doing better then ever. She was around 21 months old when we started helminthic therapy, she had been diagnosed at 14 months of age, and had not responded to any attempted treatment of the disease, except steroids.

She is now over three and a half, and is as happy, healthy, and as beautiful as any parent could want from a child.

Two years ago my wife and I could have only hoped the future should be so bright for her, and us.

A has now taken four doses of the helminths, and each time her condition has only improved.

I can assure you it was not a straight line to good health, but rather a gradual improvement. Like any good, long term investment, there were setbacks along the way. Despite our better judgment, every time there was blood or diarrhea, in the back of our minds, we would wonder if it was the beginning of a major flare, one that would require the drugs we tried so hard to avoid for her.

But the reality was that it never even came close to that. There is no doubt she is doing better now then a year ago, and certainly two years ago. She continues to gain weight, in fact she is 34 pounds, and her stools continue to improve. We have even begun introducing different foods to her diet, with fantastic results.She can play endlessly with her sisters, is as cheerful as could be, and she is even a little chubby, something we’ll take any day of the week over the alternative.

She has not taken any medication for the Crohn’s disease since shortly after she began helminthic therapy.

Suffice to say, treating our little girl with helminthic therapy was the single best decision we could have made, given the circumstance. The treatment has enabled her to live a normal life with Crohn’s disease, rather then one riddled with pain and fatigue, pills, injections, and steroids.

It is not lost on our family, the thought that today we can focus on teaching “A” to read, and swim, and good manners, rarely worrying or even thinking about the fact that she has Crohn’s disease, instead of living in the bleak future we imagined for her, and us, two and a half short years ago.

I’m proud of what we did for her, and we’re thankful to Autoimmune Therapies for the opportunity to do it.”

End of email.

As it happens I am proud too, particularly of those who work with me to do this. I talk a lot, too much perhaps in the past, of the sacrifices my family has made. Far too little has been said about the team working with me.

All, in different ways, are making very considerable sacrifices to be able to make sure people like “A” continue to get the probiotics they need. Our chief scientist, who had a very good career before I came along, has essentially sacrificed that to peruse this. That is just one easy example to identify and explain.

One day soon I hope that it will be possible to acknowledge their courage, the risks and sacrifices they have made, and to do so completely publicly. I am the figurehead for a group of people who are all intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, principled and very high-integrity individuals.

All intelligent enough to not want their name to appear on my blog.

Here’s to hoping that will one day change and their accomplishments and courage can be lauded publicly.

Links to rest of series on “A”

“A” was under 2 years old when diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis, and the disease appears from the family’s descriptions to have been severe and aggressive. They approached us when the recommendation for treatment from the child’s Gastroenterologist was one of the biologics, either Remicade or Humira, I cannot remember which.

Below are links to each of the four posts, so far, which for the most part are just emails from the child’s dad on “A’s” progress, and his thoughts and observations.

Managing the links between the posts has become cumbersome, so I have created this standard block of links to tie the story together, explain the context if someone happens upon one of the posts and does not realise they are part of a series, and will probably make a static page to aggregate the whole thing.

Part 1: Part 1 of the story of “A”

Part 2: Part 2 of the story of “A”

Part 3: Part 3 of the story of “A”

Part 4: Part 4 of the story of “A”

3 thoughts on “Part 4: The Story of “A”

  1. I first heard of you in 2007 on This American Life. I have no issues but I am curious about the number of people you have helped. Also how is the word of your cure or treatment for so many diseases getting around the medical world?
    It seems like a total life changer for the right people. Have the people started showing up on your lawn by the score?

    1. Ha, I use that exact phrase and variations on it, about showing up on my lawn in droves.

      But mostly I use it now in continuing if diminishing disbelief that it hasn’t happened yet.

      Perhaps it may have something to do with me losing my mind in there for a couple of years, and, as was customary by then, the self-medication that went with it.

      I also discovered or developed a cure for another “incurable” if minor (unless you suffer from it, of course) disease, separate from my work with helminths and the hygiene hypothesis.

      Then I found others in the scientific and historical records for many other diseases, major and minor, chronic and acute.

      I learned through those experiences and my interaction with the FDA and the sick and dying in their thousands that not only do most people not want to be well, they have also and continue to participate in ensuring that said cures remain unavailable to them and that those offering them are punished. Generalising here.

      And so on and so forth. Hence the mental disintegration, and rebirth, of sorts.

      Rebirth. Those kinds of experiences leave marks. Not the self-medication, the mental distress. And, from the profound realisation of some of our specie’s characteristics, that to me at least had remained hidden so long as I swam in the middle of the stream of human behaviour and thought.

      I don’t claim any great insight for the record. Only that I have been an idiot for most of my life, admitting as well that I likely continue that way.


  2. I really enjoyed reading A’s story as conveyed by her father. I am so glad you are doing the good work that you have done. I have heard on NPR twice the good effects of hookworms for those with allergies, Crohn’s Disease, and other illnesses. I think what is holding folks back from trying your therapy, like myself, is this article and others about the negative consequences of hookworms – see below. I know you have refuted the anemia claim but the connection between hookworms and anemia seems to be well-known for mostly those living in 3rd world countries where sanitation is not good. Why is that? Can you explain what might be the problem with the story and article I am attaching below. I really want to know why some folks get sick from hookworms and some do not. I have Crohn’s, am losing my hair and have other inflammatory health problems at the age of 62. Believe me, I would like to try your therapy! But this article attached is stopping dead in my tracks. Please consider helping me get past it. Thank you in advance. ~D

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