Helminthic Therapy Consultation


A telephone Consultation with subject so as to best apply helminthic therapy in their case..

Results in a written Treatment Plan and Schedule of activities for the first year, such as the shipping of doses of helminthic therapy.

Includes one year of Support if you elect to proceed with helminthic therapy.


A telephone Consultation with subject to learn and to describe to the subject how best to apply helminthic therapy in their case. To ensure the subject has sufficient information to be able to make an informed decision about their use of helminths such as hookworm larvae (Necator Americanus) or whipworm ova (Trichuris Trichiura).  As well as to provide them sufficient information for them to independently manage the process in the ensuing years, or to equip them to ask informed questions when confronted by claims by others they may not otherwise understand.

Besides a better informed subject, the information gathered in conversation with the subject is used to formulate and to write a Treatment Plan explaining which organism or organisms are required to produce the best outcome possible in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money, as well as how to maintain any response obtained in that process.

A written Treatment Plan is sent to the subject and reviewed with them in a second telephone call or round of emails if the subject requires clarification. It may involve providing an edited version to the subject to ensure any necessary clarification is recorded for their use at later dates.

The Treatment Plan includes a Dosing Schedule and also indicates the dates in relation to each dose when side effects are likely. The Dosing Schedule is sent with the Treatment Plan showing the size and shipping date for each dose required during the first year of helminthic therapy, as well as when to be alert to the high risk timeframes for side effects, also known as the symptoms of hookworm or whipworm infection.