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Recent test results for Jasper Lawrence

I am the primary reservoir for production of doses of hookworm and whipworm for AIT’s version of helminthic therapy, and recently there has been some speculation as to my current status re infection with Hepatitis, HIV, etc.

As you can see (you can download the test results here: “Jasper Test Results 10-2010.pdf”) I am negative for everything I was tested for. I had these tests in early October, 2010, they sent the letter at the end of the month. Being slow to post them was simply a matter of losing a letter in a move and then the holidays preventing my getting a replacement copy.

Although I think only a handful of people have ever asked me about such test results (in over three years of being in business providing hookworm and whipworm) those that do are very interested in the results. Perhaps others that are very interested don’t mention it for some reason? As I explain later, I am not sure such concern is appropriate.

Part of the delay posting these results was a desire to combine the Strongyloides results with those just posted in one post, but I have given up waiting for the letter. I have of course called multiple times about getting a copy but I am still waiting. We have also had a lot of problems with mail here for the last month because of the weather, so it is probable it was lost in transit. I will post it as soon as I get it, which will probably be tomorrow now I have relented and put these results up.

The only value in the test is to reassure people, falsely I would argue. Anyone preparing doses of this type for other people has to take steps as if the host is infected with everything, to do otherwise would be irresponsible.

The reasons for this are manifold.

First, you cannot test for every possible pathogen. I doubt I have enough blood for such a comprehensive panel, even if I had the money.

Secondly, a negative test result, unless the disease is an exotic, hard-to-encounter-unless-you-travel-to-some-weird place, organism like Strongyloides, cannot be entirely relied upon because most tests are for antibodies, not for the actual pathogen.

So there is inevitably a period of time, referred to as the Window, in someone recently infected who carries one of these diseases where they are not yet producing any, or sufficient, antibodies to show up on a test.

If you are at all familiar with the HIV test you already know this. The interval between exposure to HIV and being able to test positive is up to six months, and in rare cases say when there is coincident Hepatitis C exposure (or use of prophylactic therapy), even longer. Even if you are being tested monthly, or more frequently, for every human disease going, you still do not know whether or not you have picked up something since your last test, or if they are in the Window period.

Third, some diseases cannot be tested for, although the pathogen has been identified.

Fourth, some diseases clearly have an infectious component, but that vector or agent has yet to be identified.

So the results have no effect on dose preparation, and although it is reassuring to know that your reservoir is not a cesspool of human disease such reassurance is illusory.

What you should really be concerned about is whether the person preparing the dose has the requisite knowledge, skills and experience, and is caring and attentive each and every time they are in the lab.

After all if GlaxoSmithKine can screw it up in a multi-million dollar facility staffed with PhDs and highly trained technicians, who presumably were being inspected by the FDA periodically, then the most important factor has to be the professionalism and care of the person preparing the doses:

Having said all that if it is important to you I am happy to submit to any test you desire, at any time, so long as you are willing to pay for it if you want me tested outside our normal schedule of once every two months, for the diseases given during organ donation.



4 thoughts on “Recent test results for Jasper Lawrence

  1. I will try & make this short, I have UC, NO drug, NO DRUG!! works on this for me, sep Prednisone, and after years on it I feel like it’s starting to kill me! seems like if you can get past the YUK thing it would be smart to give it a try, how do you go about doing this? Bill E.

    1. Hi Bill, you submit an Questionnaire and a recent blood test via our contact page at We require an interview with one of us to answer your questions and ensure you know some things we feel it is important to tell you about the therapy. You sign our Client Agreement, arrange payment (no one is ever refused for lack of funds, but expect to have to prove hardship if that is the case, we have been taken advantage of), and delivery anywhere outside the US and a few countries with poor distribution networks, and that is it.

  2. I am diagnosed with primary Sjogren and I have lots of allergies including food allergies. This has a major impact. I am very alergisch to soy and am therefore always anxious to eat outdoors. I am interested to try this out. How do I do that and what are the costs?

    best regards
    Marleen Timmermans

    1. Hi, pretty much everything you need to know is on the website ( I suggest you read this from beginning to end, then download the Questionnaire from the link on the Contact page (, complete it and submit it as instructed on the page, being sure to make the subject line ‘Regarding Helminthic Therapy’ so it gets through our spam filters. You will receive a reply to schedule a call within one working day.

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