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The Story of Autoimmune Therapies Since November, 2009. Part 1

I have read a lot of quite strong worded, and very definite, comments about me or Autoimmune Therapies, often by people who have never met me. I have to admit that I avoid public forums on the subject of helminthic therapy because of this, and because I see a very loud minority expressing viewpoints which do not vary with contradictory information from good sources (not just me). I still find it disturbing to read people, as one for instance, doubting that we were visited by the FDA, that I went to Africa, etc., while saying these were just publicity stunts by me. Most of these people have never met me, and it is this group that seems to hold the strongest opinions. I find this odd.

Because I do not inhabit these forums, nor provide corrective replies, I am growing concerned that some people may give them credence just because I never bother replying.

So, over the next few months, as I get time, I will tell the story, with the help of Marc and Michelle, who were there from very early on, of Autoimmune Therapies.

Also, the story which is probably the best known, my account of going to Africa on, was written without an understanding of how their system worked. Having started writing it on a whim, I stopped at some time in the middle of the night, when I woke up late the next day I found the article locked and being voted on for publication. I had intended to correct various bits by referring back to the basic science again, and was far from finished writing it.

So hopefully this will fulfil the objectives of providing my side of our story, as well as bits of Marc’s and Michelle’s, and a corrective to the incomplete version published on K5.

I am going to break the story up into these parts, with these titles:

Part 2. Developing asthma, going through the medical mill, and learning their might be hope after all.

Part 3. Researching hookworm and other helminths, trying desperately to obtain them from a source that did not require me to travel.

Part 4. Going to Cameroon to obtain hookworm, unfortunately the wrong type.

Part 5. Meeting Garin and my further attempts to obtain the correct species of hookworm.

Part 6. The start of Autoimmune Therapies, and providing therapy from Mexico.

Part 7. The decision to ship from Santa Cruz, CA in the USA to everyone using FedEx.

Part 8. The FDA visit, and the immediate aftermath.

Part 9. Two years, just about, of profound depression and drift.

Part 10. Contact by an inspirational client and the beginning of the end of depression. Contact by the MHRA, what it meant for us and for Helminthic Therapy, current plans and projects.

Part 11. The future, as I see it.

I should have part 2 up and done by January 15th, don’t hesitate to hassle me if it does not show up by that date. I am insanely busy, my work days typically never end before 2 am, and often not before 6 or 7 am. I am gripped by the kind work aholicism which has always possessed me when I am working on something I love.

Yes, I wake up late.

Jasper Lawrence
© 2011

12 thoughts on “The Story of Autoimmune Therapies Since November, 2009. Part 1

  1. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I was diagnosed in April of 2010 I spent countless hours researching the disease and treatments. I currently take Enbrel and sulfasalazine, along with several other drugs to keep my RA controlled. Your information interests me greatly-and this is quite a feat as I am a fan of modern medicine. The Helminthic Therapy will be something I watch closely. I am not a beleiver of fad cures, diets, and who knows what other nonsense that saturate the internet each day claiming to heal autoimmune disease, so for me to say this is an exciting and interesting area….well it says a lot. I wish you the best with this and will hope that what you are doing will contribute to new therapies that bring a remission state for some very tragic, life changing diseases.

    1. Hey Lisa

      Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

      Jasper’s mission is to change the practice of medicine to include the use of benign infectious organism to prevent and treat immunological disorders involving chronic inflammation. If he is successful, helminthic therapy will in time become “modern medicine”!

      Re your own situation, very few people have tried helminthic therapy for RA, so you would need to talk to Jasper about that if you want to know more, and you can contact him at: but be sure to make the subject line “Regarding helminthic therapy” to ensure you get past his spam filter.

      These links may also be of interest to you.

  2. Can’t wait to see part 2. Will we see it soon?

  3. it’s been over a month since Jan. 15th – is the promised part #2 coming soon?

    1. I’ll remind Jasper!

      1. Fran, any luck? It’s almost March – at this rate we’ll see “Part 11” around the next decade…

      2. Yes and no! Jasper is aware that we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for Episode II, but he’s working round the clock at the moment (literally, I think) making changes to the business while still trying to deal with all the calls he gets every day. Not surprisingly, everyone wants his personal attention, and he’s being stretched in rather a lot of directions at the moment. Or, then again, maybe he’s deliberately making us wait to increase our anticipation…?

      3. I understand that he is busy and all but why make promises that you can’t keep. Part 1 was up last year and a quarter of the year already passed since then.
        He said:
        “I should have part 2 up and done by January 15th, don’t hesitate to hassle me if it does not show up by that date.”

        If writing 2 paragraphs will take over 3 months, then part 11 will be a few years from now. How long does it take to write 1-2 pages of text?

      4. I’m sure that when Jasper made the promise he had every intention of keeping it, but things happen… Still, I’ll hassle him again for you!

  4. Thanks! Can you update us with the “revised” date he expects to have it up now? Hopefully this year 🙂

    1. Hi Kathy. This is your lucky day! See:

  5. Awesome! Thanks! Can’t wait for the next one!

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